Mach3 Speed Training


Increase Your Club Head Speed

The Mach 3 Golf Speed Training Program is a year-round speed training protocol that has produced average clubhead speed gains of 11.5 mph for golfers of all ages and abilities.

• Learn and understand Mach 3’s key concept of “Speed Out in Front”

• Discover why using dynamic, oscillating, variable resistance is the best way to train for speed

Be More Consistent

• Find out why golfers of all ages can use the same workout protocol to gain clubhead speed

• Make the connection between “fatigue management” and optimal results

• Follow Mach 3 protocols throughout the year to enhance their golf performance


“Mach 3 is the best speed training system right now. It helps anyone who tries it… not only with speed performance, but overall performance in the swing.”

-Monte Scheinblum
1992 World Long Drive Champion
Irvine, CA

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*Additional series expanding on intro lesson will be offered.

Meet Your Instructor

Chris Morrow

Director of Instruction at Texas Golf Center

Chris has been teaching golf since 2005, where he worked under PGA Hall of Fame instructor Jim McLean for 15 years. He has taught thousands of golfers from all ages and skill levels, including beginners and touring professionals.

Many of his junior students and have played in the highest-level junior tournaments and have gone on to receive college scholarships.

Chris also specializes in Golf Schools and working with adults on extended lessons programs which allow the player to immerse him or herself in the golf instruction over several days and see tremendous improvement in a short time frame.

Chris is now the acting Director of Instruction at Texas Golf Center and oversees all instruction at the facility.

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